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About us


Created from the meeting between the world of data science and the world of hospitals, PharmIA supports pharmacists with the greatest clinical relevance in the analysis and validation of drug prescriptions.

Designed with the public interest in mind, the solution developed will provide solutions to the challenges faced by hospital pharmacists, enabling them to focus on their core business.

Frédéric Couriol

PharmLABS ecosystem

Collaborative platform for hospital practitioners

PharmLABS is a community platform for hospital practitioners who wish to collaborate on the development of good pharmaceutical practices.
This collaborative platform offers all the members of a single hospital pharmacy, a GHT, or a federation the opportunity to share collective experience between peers by exchanging knowledge, practices, protocols and experiences.
The PharmLabs community aims to develop the profession of hospital pharmacist in order to gain in relevance, save time on a daily basis and also accelerate the process of validation of practice proposals by the learned communities.
PharmLabs aims to become the hub of various European initiatives for the benefit of healthcare providers.

Logo de PharmLABS