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PharmIA’s features

PharmIA is a decision support tool that integrates naturally into the pharmacist’s daily routine

A user-friendly, intuitive and ergonomic interface

  • A unified view of the patient context information including biological and clinical parameters, it enhances a more rapid evaluation of the patient’s clinical situation
  • Each screen is designed to present the most accurate level of information required at each step
  • The interface is customizable and adaptable to the reality of the pharmaceutical organization as well as the needs of the users
PharmIA User View: department selection
PharmIA user view: patient record
PharmIA user view: detailed patient record

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Prioritization of prescriptions

  • Analysis, with clinical relevance, of prescriptions according to a potential or proven iatrogenic risk, a specific logistic constraint or medico-economic criteria
  • Analysis of prescriptions according to patient parameters, real-time monitoring

A multiple analysis system​

  • Based and fully compliant with approved databases, expert opinion bases
  • Possibility of identifying the practice to be followed in accordance with each hospital’s own rules

A validation process

  • The technical act of pharmaceutical validation is integrated into a continuum mode, from the pharmaceutical analysis of the prescription up to the administration of the drugs to the patient
  • Interoperability of the information systems limits the number of clicks by the pharmacist​
  • Validation or rejection of prescriptions are integrated in Deep Learning Mode


  • Develop Telepharmacy by proposing a collaborative and shared solution for a group of hospitals within the same territory
  • Provide assistance and/or service delegation of pharmaceutical analysis to a third party hospital (public and/or private)