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PharmIA solution

How does PharmIA work in the pharmacist’s daily routine?

PharmIA supports pharmacists with the analysis and validation of prescriptions. Our intelligent system combines hospital data with clinically relevant analysis of the data.

1. Doctor’s prescription

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Real time access to prescription flow

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2. Intelligent plateform PharmIA: aggregates and analyzes

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Provision of
relevant and priorized

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3. Support the pharmacist’s analyses

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1- Communication with other practitioners (physicians, nurses, pharmacists)
2- Monitoring and follow-up of the patient
3- Validation and delivery of medication

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4. Delivery of the drug

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Unparallel flexibility in the analysis of prescriptions, dynamically incorporating the patient’s history and treatments

PharmIA technical scheme

The platform relies on internal hospital data such as prescriptions, the Electronic Patient Record (EPR) and clinical and biological data (stay, chart) in in different formats: FHIR, PL13, HL7.
It also exploits external data, from certified drug rule databases (e.g.THERIAQUE), and recognized authorities (PIM Check, GPR, PharmLABS, etc.).
The data is then processed and returned to the user thanks to three complementary analytical engines that allow prioritization of patients, contextual display of patient parameters and prioritization of alerts to be displayed.

An easy-to-deploy platform

A secure, adaptable and scalable platform

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