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The first intelligent digital platform for hospital pharmacists

An intelligent digital platform for hospital pharmacists. Facilitating the analysis and control of medical prescriptions and the detection of iatrogenic risk situations.

Using complementary real time analytical engines, PharmIA combines, analyzes
and prioritizes therapeutic information and the patient’s medical context (biological, clinical and historical data).

PharmIA provides the clinical pharmacist with relevant, prioritized information to facilitate the analysis and control of prescriptions.

PharmIA ensures the highest level of clinical relevance
in prescription analysis

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PharmIA user view: detailed patient record

How does PharmIA
work in the pharmacist’s daily routine?

Doctor’s prescription

Prescription flow

Supports the pharmacist by analyzing and validating prioritized prescriptions

Patient monitoring

Delivery of the drug

A solution adapted to Hospital Information Systems (HIS)

Seamless deployment

PharmIA benefits from controlled deployment in Hospital Information Systems (HIS) environments.

A secure, adaptable and scalable platform

PharmIA is a SaaS platform with HDS certified hosting and is compliant with the RGPD for data processing.
PharmIA is a Quinten Group Company, certified ISO 27001.

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